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Inspired by the company motto "To lead in Quality", KALE has proceeded with the objective to apply for independent quality auditing & certification over the last decade. In this regard, KALE worked in co-operation with Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) and managed to be granted successively with the following Quality Management System Certifications;

ISO 9001 Certified by BVQI 1997
QS 9000 Certified by BVQI 1999
VDA 6.1 Certified by BVQI 2000
ISO/TS 16949 Certified by BVQI 2002
ISO 14001 Certified by BVQI 2004
ISO/IEC 17025 Certified by TÜRKAK 2009

As required by ISO / TS 16949 Quality Management System, KALE has been successfully applying the process approach in its key functions to attain an excellent level of company activity performance. To this end, the key process performance indicators are periodically reviewed and results are measured for better performance. Nowadays, global competitive advantage is mainly measured by quality, cost and delivery performance criteria, hence KALE pays particular attention to this criteria and strives to meet its customer expectations both in domestic and international markets. In this regard, KALE complies with customer specific quality standards such as Q1.
At present, KALE's quality assurance management system utilizes a number of techniques to attain continuous quality improvement, such techniques include; CEDAC, PDCA, SPC, PARETO Analysis, Design and Process FMEA, QFD, DOE and alike.

KALE, currently operates and develops its quality management system in line with the requirements of main local OEM's and also of locally operating international vehicle manufacturers. As a result, KALE has been repeatedly ranked as an "A" group supplier by most vehicle manufacturers in Turkey.

As far as environmental awareness is concerned, KALE acted with an environmental responsibility and applied for ISO 14001 certification and received a certification in December 2004. Being mindful of the implications of ISO 14001, KALE has been focussing on the efficient use of company resources, by means of reducing energy consumption, waste output, material scrap and also of applying recycling and treatment processes on discharged water and waste material, thereby ensuring high industrial standards, quality of human life and protecting environment.

And today, KALE takes pride in its ability to offer product and services under ISO / TS 16949 quality management system whilst also adhering to ISO 14001
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