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In recent years, Kale has established a comprehensive test laboratory in order to manage its own research-development and product approval activities. At this facility all testing and validation requirements of local and international OEM companies are carried out as per their quality and technical specifications. As a corporate policy of “Always leading for higher standards of quality” Kale continuously invests in testing and controlling equipments to be able to serve its clients with reliable and high quality products. In this respect, testing and controlling equipments are continuously upgraded, enabling Kale to comply with the requirements of its customers unconditionally and effectively, thereby preventing any potential product failures to occur in the field.

At Kale’s test facility, engine cooling modules, cooling radiators, A/C systems, (HVAC) modules and cores, A/C condensers, intercoolers and oil coolers undergo a number of testing processes, including heating and cooling performance test, vibration test (with “ road load “ data simulation), aging test, internal & external corrosion test, thermal shock test, pulsating pressure test, high pressure endurance test, humidity endurance test. All product tests are performed in accordance with customer quality and technical specifications.

In order to assure the best product quality, a wide range of raw material tests such as tensile strength, rupture and hardness testing are applied for raw materials of copper, brass, aluminum. For plastic raw materials and compounds, chipping - stroking, melting point, hardness, density indication, burning cycle time, humidity testing, ash level indication test processes are applied. Additionally, at Kale ‘s test facilities, a range of calibration processes are conducted to verify the accuracy of measurement tools, temperature and pressure gauges which are used both in production lines and product approval processes. At this facility, testing methods and procedures are conducted in accordance with TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Quality System Standards and reliability of this test facility has also been audited and approved by OYAK - RENAULT and TOFAŞ –FIAT.

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