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Copper Core and Brass Tanked Radiators:
Since 1966, KALE has produced conventional type of copper core and brass tanked radiators and has been continuously improving its own production techniques for more refined and higher quality copper & brass radiators by integrating advanced methods of production and processes into its production lines. KALE has therefore gained an excellent reputation for its high quality products over the years.
Copper Core and Plastic Tanked Radiators:
The first generation of copper & brass radiators have been increasingly replaced with the new generation copper & plastic tanked radiators especially in the range of automobile and light commercial vehicle radiators in recent years. Inherently, the new generation copper radiators offer manufacturing cost advantage, arising from higher productivity in production and raw material optimization

Aluminium Mechanical Assembly Heat Exchangers:
In keeping pace with the latest production technologies, KALE, signed a Technology Transfer Agreement with a reputable European Company in 1986, in order to produce aluminium mechanical assembly heat exchangers with plastic tanks. Acting upon the requirements of the Turkish car manufacturers at the time, KALE swiftly adapted this new production technology and commenced supplying engine cooling radiators and heater cores to the key car manufacturers in Turkey and also to some neighbouring countries.
Aluminium Brazing Heat Exchangers:
Since the end of 1996, KALE has been applying an advanced manufacturing technology known as aluminium brazing (CAB ) system to its production of aluminium brazed products, initially starting with intercoolers (CAC) and then progressing with engine cooling radiators, heater cores, condensers, oil coolers and alike. To this end, KALE has signed a number of Technical Licence Agreements with the most reputable companies in their field, thereby ensuring a swift application of new production and assembly techniques with high manufacturing standards as required by vehicle manufacturers in global markets.
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