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KALE 's industrial product range covers a wide range of heat exchange consisting of engine cooling radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers. Depending upon the type of application, appropriate combination of parts and production technology are chosen.

Engine Cooling Modules For Generator-Sets:
A typical generator- set engine cooling module may consist of a radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, sheet metal cowling, fan guard /stone guard and necessary piping with hoses and clamps. KALE currently manufactures engine cooling modules for OEM applications of Generator-Set Engines for a power range of 25 kVA up to 2000 kVA.

At request, Gen - Set cooling modules can be fitted with suitable impellers either belt driven or direct driven by an electric motor. Depending upon working environment, these cooling modules can be designed to perform in severe climatic conditions.

A recent product development by KALE is illustrated here below, representing an engine cooling module for Gen - Sets in power range   of 200 kVA and 250 kVA. These modules consist of an engine cooling radiator, intercooler, water expansion tank, sheet metal cowling and  fan guard.

These cooling modules have been specifically designed and developed for various type of installations of Gen - Sets in the field of stationery, marine or portable applications.
Radiator Range For Construction & Industrial Machinery:
KALE's radiator range for construction and industrial machinery consists of both copper and steel built radiator cores. Depending upon working conditions, appropriate radiator design and materials are carefully defined and validated before manufacturing. These heavy duty radiators can be designed to perform under severe conditions where structural durability and performance are key factors in such operating environments.
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