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Kale‘s Sales and Marketing activities are mainly customer focused and conducted in line with business development strategies set out annually.

KALE‘s current sales and marketing activities are structured in the field of domestic , international OEM, OES and aftermarket sales . The domesctic sales and marketing staff normally conduct its activities in accordance with local market customer’s demand and expectations. In this respect customer surveys are carried out on regular basis to identify customer demand, complaint and expectations. Based on the survey results, the sales and marketing staff arrange for customer meetings and field trips accordingly. The International sales and marketing staff are also engaged in similar activities in order to expand KALE ‘s international sales volumes. To this end, marketing activities are promoted through international trade exhibitions where new products are introduced and customer meetings are arranged for better business co-operation and development.

The domestic and international customers are classified in terms of their purchasing potential and market positions. As a rule , then their purchasing volume is monitored on monthly, quarterly and annual basis in line with company sales objectives and targets. Any counter measures deemed to be necessary are then taken appropriately.

KALE’s sales and marketing management regularly monitors and compares the consistency of its domestic and international sales activities with the company objectives, targets and then reports accordingly. In this regard, the sales and marketing staff ensures that they share common means of communication with their clients and acts upon customer expectations.

As a rule , Kale ‘s sales and marketing department  coordinates the internal communication between different departments and arranges activities based upon customer orders and project contracts , thereby  fulfilling the demand and  expectations of its customers. The sales and marketing department also acts as a customer representative , monitoring  the progress of projects and advising  customers accordingly, thereby  maintaining a strong relationship between the company and its customers.
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