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Suitable employees are recruited among those candidates who are qualified for the job position in terms of education, knowledge base, job skills, expertise and appropriate personal attitude.

Primarily former job applications are likely to be evaluated for the employment. If there is no candidate suitable among those applications, then personnel adds for the related position are published thorough HR portals available on the web.

Job position is likely to be available for those departments:
• Production
• Production Planning and Logistics
• Quality Assurance
• Engineering ( Project Management, Product, Tool and Die Designing)
• R & D
• Export Dept.
• Import Dept.
• Sales and Marketing
• Purchasing Dept.
• IT Dept.
• Accounting
• Human Resources

** Job applications made through our web page or alternative sources are stored in our HR data base and evaluation of those applications are made as new job position is available and replied to accordingly.

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