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• To define the exact requirement of company for employment and employ appropriate personnel with qualifications which are most suitable for the sustainable mission and vision objectives of the company.

• To execute and implement orientation programs for the new employees in adaptation to their new job position.

• To execute services that are pertaining to personnel matters.

• To define job descriptions in the context of Performance Management System.

• To execute Performance Management System practices.

• To fulfill legal obligations in relation to HR management.

• To prepare payroll lists and execute social security matters.

• To contribute to the activities of Job Safety and Health Committee.

• To develop and manage vocational and personal training programs for the employees , ensuring their individual development and technical skills.

• To recruit internees and organize internship programs consistent with the job demand.

• To provide counseling services to the employees.

• To implement practices that boost the motivation level of employees.

• To prepare bulletins, procedures and documentation to inform employees about corporate regulations.

• To support the implementation of suggestion/reward system within the company.

• To report various statistical information related to employees.

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