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KALE Oto Radyatör A.Ş. was established in 1966, Istanbul, with a main objective to produce engine cooling radiators and heater cores for motor vehicles on a relatively small scale at the time, but the company has rapidly expanded in 1980's onward and developed into being a leading manufacturer in its field in Turkey.

KALE offers an extensive range of products and supplies to a wide variety of OEM customers, such as passenger car manufacturers, light & heavy duty commercial vehicle manufacturers, agricultural machinery & equipment manufacturers and industrial machinery & equipment manufacturers.

Over the years, KALE has accomplished a considerable growth in its production which was ultimately prompted by the growth of Turkish Automotive Industry in 1980's, followed by a growth of export and after market sales. Due to such market expansion, KALE established another production plant in the region of Çayırova - GEBZE in 1985, located about 55 km South East of Istanbul, covering a total land of 60.000 sq. meters with 20.000 sq. meters of covered floor space where production began in 1988.

By 1994, KALE built an annex building of 5.000 sq meters integrated into the main factory building at Çayırova in order to set up a new production line for "Aluminium Brazing ( CAB )” Technology.

And today, KALE is operating at two plants, with an experienced engineering team and production staff of 700 people and is well positioned to serve the Turkish automotive industry, local after market and export markets with a wide range of engine cooling radiators, heater cores, condensers, intercoolers, oil coolers, engine cooling modules, HVAC (Heating & Ventilation) systems, complete A/C systems.


Kale's current production capacity is about 2.500.000 units of auto heat exchangers per annum and are manufactured under three distinct production technology;

Copper+Brass and Copper+Plastic Production Technology
Aluminium Mechanical Assembly Production Technology
Aluminium Brazing (CAB ) Production Technology
Single Product Range

Engine cooling radiators
Heater cores
Intercoolers (Charge Air Coolers)
Special types of oil coolers
Special radiator cores and complete radiators for agricultural, industrial, construction machines, railway locomotives and electric generators etc.

Cooling Module and HVAC Type of Product Range
Cooling Assembly (Radiator assy.+ Intercooler)
Cooling Modules (Radiator assy. + Condenser + Intercooler + Electric Fan Motor & Shroud)
HVAC Systems (Heater core + Evaporator Core + Blower Motor + Plastic Casing)
Air Conditioning Systems
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